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Looking for a wonderfully engaging children's book that teaches kids what it means to be AUTHENTIC? Well, Authentically Ava is it!


Come along as Ava shows you how rewarding it can be to show up as your authentic self—each and every day!

Authentically Ava, one half of the first book pair in the Personality Power series, is an easy read and beginner resource to introduce young children to positive dispositions and character development. Complete with a glossary, this is the book to help with easily integrating character education into the school day!

Authentically Ava shows how special and important knowing, loving, and being yourself is, which makes it a must have book to support the 'Character Counts!' Initiative, or any day designated to promote character education and character development around the world.

Girls and boys alike will be encouraged and empowered after reading this book.

Teachers and parents, as well as girls and boys alike, will be encouraged and empowered after reading this book.

Authentically Ava

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