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Meet Dr. Deven


Dr. Deven specializes in writing beautifully-illustrated children's books, highlighting children of color. Each of her stories has a positive message worth sharing.

She can most often be found spending time with her husband and children at home. She is a veteran K-12 foreign language teacher who has been challenged by both her own children and former students, to view the world through a different lens.

Dr. Deven's unique perspective is the foundation of her creative nature - as it fuels her passions for reading, writing, food, family, and story-telling. The beach, the bookstore, and the library are at the top of her list of 'happy places.' 

She loves to inspire others through her writing and public speaking. She is also the owner of a publishing company, Blooming Books Publishing, LLC. She is passionate about helping others to share/tell their stories, and building a legacy in her home state. 

Tabitha Brown
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Dr. Deven

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