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Welcome to Blooming Books Publishing!

I'm Dr. Deven, experienced author and owner of Blooming Books Publishing. Blooming Books Publishing is a publishing agency that specializes in creating diversity in literature. We specialize in beautifully illustrated children's books, uniquely designed poetry books, novels, and journals, entertaining coloring/activity books. 
We understand all of the intricacies and details that are involved in publishing a book and getting it into the hands of eager readers. 

That's why we decided to take our publishing knowledge and use it to help others bring their book ideas to life, from start to finish. 

If you're ready to add published author to your list of accomplishments, read the details below to get started.

  • Children's Books

  • Poetry Books

  • Coloring Books

  • Novels

  • Journals & More

​Learn how we can help bring your book to life! From children's books to coloring books to journals, we offer a variety of publishing packages.

  • Pick My Brain Session

  • Conquer Writer's Block

  • Share Ideas

  • Create Writing Goals

  • Customized Support

Need 1 on 1 support? Want to pick my brain? There's a "Coaching Call" package for just that! Let me help you get unstuck.

  • Ebook Formatting

  • Hardcover Formatting

  • Book Description 

  • Additional Book Translations

  • Curriculum Guides/Lesson Plans

  • Customized Service

Publishing a book has a lot of moving parts. Take the guesswork out of it and take advantage of our add-on services to create the best experience ever!

Dion B.

Dr. Deven makes her clients feel included and prioritized from the initial consultation. As an author herself, she understands the importance of nourishing and uplifting the voices of her clients. Some publishers will attempt to 'take over,' but she goes above and beyond to make authors' publishing dreams come true!

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